At Integrated Health Center of the Rockies (IHCR) we understand what patients are going through as they attempt to heal from complex health problems while trying to navigate through a broken healthcare system that at times creates more problems than it fixes.

Today’s patient requires hope, optimism, and a clear path as they work to recover their health and return to normal function.

Core Value

We can’t be our best self and maximize our impact on the world when we are experiencing ill-health and disease.

Therefore, our health should be our #1 priority.

For someone who is experiencing the challenges that come with being sick, this can feel like an overwhelming ideal. However, in our experience moving yourself and your health to the top of your to-do-list is very powerful and is often the catalyst to creating a transformational life-experience.

Our Ideal Patient

At IHCR we believe that each human being is intrinsically valuable, but we also understand that not every patient who applies for care will be a good fit for our approach. We utilize a very deliberate and systematic admissions process, which allows us to select candidates that have the best opportunity to experience a positive outcome. 

This admissions process is first focused on whether the prospective patient has a condition we can successfully treat.  Next, we focus on whether they possess qualities that would make them a good overall fit. Some of those qualities include health being the #1 priority, being motivated to get better, having a great support system, and a pleasant and optimistic attitude.

Discover if You’re a Good Candidate

Meet our Clinical Team

At IHCR we believe in the power of assembling a clinical team that is multidisciplinary. This allows us to bring together talented providers that each bring a unique perspective to healthcare. Our clinicians are on the cutting edge of science and research, use the most up to date and effective treatment procedures, and have a true passion for leading patients back to health.

Dr. Heather Stone, DC

Dr. Heather is one of the most successful Functional Medicine practitioners in the world. She has a passion for helping chronically ill patients return to health through a clinical model that gets to the root cause of disease.

She takes an exhaustive investigative approach to understand not only what’s causing her patient’s problems, but also works diligently to customize a treatment plan that addresses their unique needs.

Throughout her career she has been instrumental in showing tens of thousands of patients how to reverse long-standing health problems.  She focuses on type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, and cognitive decline.  The success of her patients is frankly astounding!

She is famous for her easy going, infectious and southern-charm bedside manner.  If you spend any time in her office, it won’t take long before you hear her giggling and laughing with patients that ultimately become part of her family.

When she is not working she is reading, meditating, cooking, going to great restaurants, and traveling the world.  She is a mother to her two sons, Cam and Cannon, as well as two dogs Emma and Bella.

Dr. Heather Stone, DC

Dr. David Ward, D.C.

Clinic Director

Dr. Ward, DC focuses on helping patients with diabetes, thyroid disorders, autoimmune conditions, cognitive decline, and Alzheimer’s disease. He is a certified practitioner of the Bredesen Protocol™, which is a comprehensive, personalized program designed to reverse cognitive decline and the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.
After receiving his master’s degree in sports health science, Dr. Ward, DC received his doctorate in 2007, which was only the start of obtaining an expansive education as a health care provider. Dr. Ward is a certified functional medicine practitioner and works tirelessly to expand his clinical knowledge to help the chronically ill.

His passion for helping patients with “unsolvable” health conditions was born out of his own health challenges. Dr. Ward often says, “Conventional medicine kept me alive, but functional medicine gave me my life.”

When not in-clinic helping patients, Dr. Ward can often be found at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Library studying the latest research on functional medicine and clinical nutrition.

Dr. Ward spends his free time enjoying the great Colorado outdoors with his wife, Rose.

Dr. Niels J Pedersen, D.C.


Dr. Niels J. Pedersen, D.C. is a Wisconsin-born, Chicago-raised football and volleyball fanatic. Winning three state football championships and placing third in volleyball throughout high school, Dr. Pedersen, D.C. went on to attend Quincy University where he continued his athletic legacy, playing football and earning conference honors for his contributions to his volleyball team.
Dr. Pedersen, D.C. graduated from Quincy University with a degree in human sciences, and continued his education at Northwestern University in Bloomington, MN where he met Dr. Caitlin, D.C., CACCP.

After completing his time at Northwestern University, Dr. Pedersen, D.C. relocated to Denver, intent on starting his first practice, but became ill. Having sought and successfully received treatment through a functional medicine approach, Dr. Pedersen, D.C. felt driven to pursue functional medicine; so, he sold his first practice and redirected his focus accordingly.

As he continued his practice, Dr. Pedersen, D.C. successfully treated the chronic illnesses of many of his patients, allowing them to live more rewarding, higher-quality lives. Empowered by the transformations he observed in his patients, he opened a second clinic in Seattle.

In his free time, Dr. Pedersen, D.C. enjoys playing with his dogs – Chyra, a black lab, and Moola, his three-legged Great Dane.

Dr. Niels J Pedersen, D.C.


Dr. Caitlin Czezowski, D.C., CACCP


Dr. Caitlin Czezowski, D.C. CACCP attended Northwestern University in Bloomington, MN where she met Dr. Pedersen, D.C. After becoming engaged following graduation, the pair moved to Colorado where they opened their first practice together in Denver – a practice that has grown and expanded to the Pacific Northwest. The couple now resides in Seattle where they treat people in-clinic.
Dr. Caitlin, D.C., CACCP is especially passionate about helping diabetic patients manage and reverse their conditions. Having personally seen the significant impact that chronic disease has on a person’s quality of life when her grandmother became ill, receiving diagnoses of both diabetes and Alzheimer’s, Dr. Caitlin, D.C., CACCP found herself drawn to incorporate a functional medicine approach to her practice.

In her off-hours, Dr. Caitlin, D.C., CACCP enjoys outdoor activities such as snowboarding and hiking throughout the beautiful terrain of the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Caitlin, D.C., CACCP appreciates the value of family and enjoys the time that she has to spend with her husband and their two dogs, Chyra and Moola. A frequent flyer, Dr. Caitlin, D.C., CACCP enjoys traveling to Canada where she gets to spend quality time with extended family.